Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Battle With Pain: Part 2

I am so beyond frustrated today. I had my appointment scheduled with my gyn to get the first Lupron injection at 3:30. The Hubs was going to get off work early so he could go with me, and a friend was going to come watch the kids. I still had to go to the pharmacy to pick up the actual  shot (for some reason I had to get it as a prescription and bring it in to the office).  When The Hubs came home from lunch he said he should be getting off between 1 & 2, so I figured I'd have enough time to go to the pharmacy after he got home, and get back before we had to leave for the appointment.  Our friend couldn't be here until 3 anyway, which is when we needed to leave to make it on time. Well, The Hubs didn't get home until sometime around 2:30, which didn't leave enough time to get to the pharmacy (on the way off post), come back, pick him up, and make it to my appointment on time... and our friend was in a class, so she couldn't come early. I had to go alone. I may sound like a huge wuss, but I've been really apprehensive about the whole situation, and I really needed The Hubs to be there with me. Whatever.

So I get to the pharmacy around 2:45... figuring that 45min would be long enough to get the prescription and leave for my appointment. In the hospital here on post, when you check in at the pharmacy with an external prescription, they enter into the computer the medication, then give you a number. I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, at 3:25 my number was called. I got to the window and was told that they didn't carry the hormone replacement medication she had prescribed me, (there are certain 'tiers' of meds that the military insurance won't pay in full, so you have to get them at a civilian pharmacy), and they were all out of the Lupron. Seriously. I waited for an hour & a half to be told that they didn't have what I've been waiting for. That the girl who entered it into the computer should have told me it was out of stock. I was livid.

I called the doctor's office (10 min after my appt was supposed to start) and told them what had happened, and the nurse was so sweet, and rescheduled me for this Thursday.   I'm really nervous to start the treatment, but it seems to be the best thing to do, so I'm diving in head first.

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