Thursday, January 21, 2010

the great transition

is throwing a cup of water on your almost 2 year old acceptable?
under some circumstances, i'd say yes.
especially when those circumstances involve him whining for 20 minutes because he wants a drink of water, but he wants it from a sippy, NOT a real cup,
and all said sippies in the house are dirty,
and you're trying to teach him how to use a real cup so he can be a functioning member of society (and nursery class at church),
AND he's been whining all day,
AND the baby is in the living room screaming her poor little head off.
Oh yeah...
and also when throwing said cup of water onto screaming toddler is the very very least violent and mean option going through your head at that moment.

did it make him scream even louder? you know it. 
did i feel bad afterwords? absolutely.
did i do the mommy thing and tell him that i was sorry, but what he was doing wasn't very nice, then take his wet jammies off, wrap him in a towel, and put his favorite show on for him to watch (after helping him get a drink)? how could i not?

lesson learned:  teach kids to use a 'real' cup sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


how do you get over the monotony of living every day almost exactly the same? i just can't do this. it seems like nothing ever changes, no matter how much i do. the house is still a mess. the kids are still cranky. dh is still unhappy and undersexed. i'm still depressed. what's the point?