Monday, May 31, 2010

why is it that as women, we can so easily offer to help someone out, and it's no big deal. 'bring your kids over', 'just borrow _______', 'let me make you dinner', 'let me help!'

we offer our services because we genuinely don't mind and really do want to help... and usually it's really no big deal.

but when someone offers the exact same things to us, we refuse, or, if we do accept, we feel guilty, like we're 'putting them out' or causing them undue stress.  most women (and people in general) i know, wouldn't offer to help unless they were able and willing.

i think we should all step back, get over our pride and our fears, and allow these women to help us, even, and especially, if it's just a small thing...  i feel so much better, so needed, when i can help someone out (even if it's just letting a friend borrow a burp rag or diaper when she's at my house and forgot to bring one!), and i just wish people would be ok with it more often.

i've heard someone say  that serving others, even in tiny ways, gives us eternal blessings, and by refusing their offers of help, we are not allowing them to gain those blessings.  it's such a hard thing to accept help, but i think that if we all offered and accepted more, we would become better at loving each other.

just a thought.