Monday, November 8, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

The weekend was lots of fun.  The Hubs's parents came to visit and were able to go watch his company's first jump at Airborne School with Big Brother (Little Sister & I had to stay home - we only had one carseat).  It was really nice having them here to visit, but the weekend was packed full, and in the middle of packing, my house was (and still is) a wreck, and being in and out all weekend didn't help much. 

So here we are, noonish on Monday, and I'm wishing for Wednesday afternoon (The Hubs has Thursday & Friday off for Veterans day!)...  I've gotten a lot of packing done today - most of the kitchen, in fact - but by the looks of it, you can't tell. At all.  It looks like, I don't know what.  A tornado blew through?  Cliche', but pretty accurate.  Most of the cabinets are empty though, so everything is out on the countertops. 

Oh, and did I mention that empty bottom cabinets are the best place for 1 and 2 year olds to play?  Especially when Mom is trying to pack stuff on the counter right above them.  Divine. 

Little Sister took a decent nap this morning though, and I put Toy Story 3 on for Big Brother to watch, so I was able to get lots done.  And a good friend brought over some more tape, luckily, right as I ran out of the roll The Hubs bought me last night.  Lifesaver. 

Thankfully, the kids just ate lunch, so it will be time for naps (or a rest, in Big Brother's case) very very soon. 

We got the list on Friday of the things they're looking for when we move out, and the amount that we will be charged.  I know, right now, that we're going to have to replace the blinds and one outlet cover in Big Brother's room, replace the screen on the back door, and paint the wall I painted blue in the living room, along with part of the wall in the kitchen and in the playroom.  Anything else, I guess we'll find when we're cleaning.  Or maybe we'll just pay them to do and forget about it. Might be easier than worrying about it ourselves. 

Did I mention, this seems like it was a bad idea?  No?  Well, let's just hope we have lots more weight than I estimated, so we'll end up getting more money than they estimated.  That will make it worth it.  Getting my new camera will make it worth it all.

So today, I'm packing, hopefully getting all the laundry & dishes done, and I have to somehow get to the office to get The Hubs's orders amended with the actual date we'll be moving.  The office is about 2 miles away, and he has our only car at work with him.  Besides, I lost my keys.  In WalMart.  Last week.  I haven't been driving, so I haven't needed them.  Thankfully I called and they have them, but I have no way of getting there to get them until The Hubs gets off work. 

So sometime today I'll be off on a 3-4 mile trek to & from the office.  With two kids and a stroller.  Let's see how that works out for me.

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Cassandra said...

Girl, I love you.. And I freaking miss you already.. What are your plans the rest of the week? Packing.. Exactly, so.. When do you need help or someone to entertain the kiddos... :) Love you... Miss you.. and Your welcome for the tape.. Your my lifesaver, but not for bringing any tape over.. :) XOXO Roomie!